Our Vision

Statement: Casuarina Uniting Church seeks to be a loving community through Jesus Christ; growing faith, offering hope, and sharing in God’s care
for all people.

What we Value

– Being a loving community…

God’s love includes all people. At CUC we seek to offer hospitality as God welcomes us, believing all people are made in God’s image. We celebrate belonging to a vibrant mix of people in the worldwide family of God and a Christian community that includes people from many different backgrounds, ages and cultures.


– Growing faith and offering hope              

CUC seeks to be a community that nurtures people of all ages to be disciples of Christ. Worship is at the heart of our life along with prayer and the study of the Scriptures. In Christ Jesus we find forgiveness, healing and a purpose for our lives. We are reconciled to God and one another and invited to live as God’s hope-filled people. 

Sharing in God’s care for all people                                                                     

 As God’s people we are called to serve God in the world caring for others as Christ cares for us. Through the power of the Holy Spirit we live out our faith in our daily lives, communicating that all people matter to God. We seek to know Christ and make him known in our families, wider community and the world through sharing the good news of God’s saving love and using the gifts and resources God has given.

Living out our Vision

We live out our vision to be a loving community by providing a safe and friendly place for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.We welcome newcomers and make opportunities for people to have fellowship and develop friendships, enjoy social activities and grow in faith. Worship is at the heart of our life together. We provide church services that cater for both traditional and contemporary styles of worship. We encourage participation in worship and the involvement of children and young people. We encourage each other to use the gifts God has given for service and building up the body of Christ. We draw on our different languages and cultures to reflect our cultural diversity in the leadership and all aspects of the life of our church. We seek to be a community of care, praying for one another and supporting those who ill or going through a time of transition.

Small groups meet during the week, and we have a monthly prayer gathering, other prayer events and church camp. We prepare and follow up candidates for baptism and confirmation. We mentor and train those who would like to develop their gifts and be involved in various ministries

CUC values its Indigenous members and seeks to support and walk alongside our Indigenous brothers and sisters.We support Indigenous ministry through a monthly Yolngu Bible Study. Casuarina Uniting Church has a sister church relationship with Galiwin’ku Uniting Church in NE Arnhem Land and seeks to actively grow the relationship. We live out our vision of sharing in God’s care for all people through serving God in the world and sharing in God’s mission locally and globally. We support a missionary couple in PNG and mission work in other places including the work of Bible Translation in Indigenous communities. We support a monthly ‘mission focus’ to be better informed about God’s work in our community and beyond.We support chaplaincy services in the Darwin area particularly at RDH and Darwin Correctional center and support ministry to school aged students through school chaplains and Scripture Union and the ministry to students at Charles Darwin University. We are happy to build links and explore joint mission and mission in cooperation with other local Christian churches and the wider community..